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Blower Systems - Blower Packages

Gardner Denver IQ Blower SystemCarotek specializes in Gardner Denver IQ Blower Systems.   The IQ blower package is a 7.5-100 horsepower, factory direct twisted tri-lobe blower package that provides:

  • Intelligent digital monitoring standard with the AirSmart controller.  The Air Smart Controller offers 3 stages of protection.  It monitors all functions, sends notice if abnormal event happens,  and shuts down system & notifies operator if critical threshold is breached.
  • Quiet sound levels as low as 60 dBA.  The innovative discharge silencer is removable for package integrity and end-user flexibility.

Positive Displacement IQ Blower System Benefits

  • Quiet operation, strength, reliability, and performance for all applications.
  • Quality assurance provided through advanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities to ensure superior form, fit and function.
  • Customizable timers to notify and track maintenance schedules. 
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Predictive maintenance can reduce maintenance costs by up to 30 percent and downtime up to 45 percent.
  • Noise levels as low as 60 dBA.
  • Simple transit and installation with forked slots on package base frame.
  • Variable frequency drive and twisted tri-lobe rotor profile offer better efficiency than a straight lobe blower.
  • Allows up to eight blower packages to be sequenced allowing distribution of operating hours and reduces downtime and maintenance.

Blower SystemThey come standard with a Gardner Denver blower in every package. 

Other models include:

IQ-RB which includes a tri-lobe RBS blower - a Straight Tri-Lobe Blower Package (3 - 500 hp)

IQ-HE for energy savings and high pressure capability - a Cycloblower Helical Screw Blower Package

Significantly reduce your energy bills with the factory direct IQ-HE blower package from Gardner Denver.  This high-performance package delivers maximum capacities and high pressure capabilities with minimum energy consumption. In addition to its efficient performance, the IQ-HE's patented design provides simplified maintenance features and quiet operation.  These quiet, compact packages feature Gardner Denver's patented helical screw blower technology for a quick return on investment.

Blower System Applications

Blower System PneumaticBlower systems are utilized in many industry applications including:

  • Wood Manufacturing
  • Styrofoam
  • Lightweight plastics
  • Water & Wastewater (sewage aeration, filter flushing)
  • Milling
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Cement
  • Industrial
  • Grain
  • Ice
  • Gas boosting and moving in the petrochemical industries


Custom Blower Systems

Carotek also offers custom engineered blower systems.  Carotek can handle the entire process - from engineering, design and component specification & procurement to actually fabricating and building them in our own facilities.  This allows us to precisely meet your specific design and process requirements.   We also test them in our facility which helps to eliminate start-up problems you could face in the field, which gets you online faster.

  • Conceptualize a system to meet your needs. 
  • Design the system to include all the necessary components and meet all necessary testing standards.
  • Engineer the system, complete with CAD plans for review.
  • Build the system in our 85,000 SF facility in Charlotte NC.
  • Test the system and obtain any necessary certifications. 
  • Deliver the product to your facility.
  • Assist with startup if desired.
  • Train and discuss regular maintenance.
  • Service the product as needed.

Blower System Photo Gallery 

Carotek Blower System


Carotek Blower System

Carotek Blower System

Carotek blower system

Carotek Blower System

 Sutorbilt PD Blower System 

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