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  • New Viking Product - Viking Motor Speed Internal Gear Pump

New Viking Product - Viking Motor Speed Internal Gear Pump

Viking Motor Speed Internal Gear PumpViking’s Motor Speed series internal gear pumps represent a technological advance in the science of flow. Through new techniques of feeding the rotor and idler, Viking has achieved what was once considered impossible – high flow rates operating at motor speeds. The two largest sizes, Q & QS, operate at reduced speeds, but still faster than other pumps of similar displacement. Higher speeds mean greater value, with the ability to move more fluid with a smaller pump. It also enables close-coupling to a motor or gearmotor, which eliminates shaft alignment and results in longer seal and bearing life by preventing wear due to misalignment.

Viking Motor Speed Pump Primary Benefits: 

• Lower cost per gallon pumped compared to competitors
• Extension of popular 4195 series – now in new sizes! 
• Extended pump life and higher pressure support with our heavy duty antifriction bearing shaft
• No need for speed reduction equipment on thinner liquids using our motor speed selection
• Increased pump life with our automatic lubrication of the idler bushing
• Flexible installation with our space-saving mounting configurations
• Foot Mount
• Motor Mount (Close-Coupled NEMA and IEC)
• Vertical Inline Mount
• Ideal applications are Terminal loading/ unloading, Railcar, Tankcar and Custody Transfer - anywhere a variable speed pump is needed.

Viking Motor Speed Pump Specs: 

Max Capacity 580 GPM
Max Pressure: 250 PSI
Max Viscosity: 25,000 SSU
Temperature Range: -40 degrees F to +350 degrees F.

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