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Actuators, Switches & Positioners

Valve Limit Switches

Carotek offers a number of engineered solutions when it comes to valve automation.  We can assist in the sizing and selection of pneumatic & electric actuators, partial stroke actuators, and linear actuation for knife gate valves or control valves.  We can also supply automation for a wide variety of accessories such as limit switches, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners, HART digital positioners, or Bus Network accessories for AS-i, DeviceNet, Profibus, or Foundation Fieldbus.

Automated Valve Actuators

  • Automated Valve ActuatorsWe offer a range of pneumatic, electric, scotch-yoke, partial stroke, or linear actuators depending on your valve requirement.
  • We have the ability to size and select the most efficient actuator that includes Quarter-turn Rack & Pinion, Scotch-Yoke, linear, or for control
  • For increased corrosive resistance we offer Stainless Steel or PTFE coated actuators

Valve Limit Switches

  • Our Flowserve offering includes multiple housings based on your electrical area classification that include General Purpose (NEMA 4, 4x), Explosion Proof (NEMA 7 or 9), Non-Incendive, Intrinsically Safe, or SIL rated
  • From mechanical switches to proximity switches, we have a solution for your need
  • Our offering includes "smart" devices for AS-i, DeviceNet, Profibus, or Foundation Fieldbus for Bus Network applications


Valve Limit Switches

Whether you require pneumatic, 4-20mA electro-pneumatic, HART, Digital,  "smart" positioners such as Profibus or Foundation Fieldbus, let Carotek assist you in selecting your control components.


Lock-outs, speed controls, volume boosters, quick exhaust valves, and stainless steel mounting brackets and more.

How Can We Help?

The Carotek Valve Automation Center assembles and tests every assembly before it is serialized for future tracking. Whatever you application need, Carotek can customize your system to provide you with optimum performance, low maintenance, and a long operational life. Call your Carotek system specialist today to find the right system configuration for your application need. To request a quote, it will be helpful to know the following:

  • Pressure (if used on Control – Pressure Drop in the valve )
  • Temperature
  • Media type and is it abrasive, lubricating or corrosive
  • Line Size
  • Valve Type
  • On/Off or Control
  • Pneumatic Pressure, Direct/Indirect, Electric Voltage, Control Signal, and PSI to Actuator
  • Accessories needed

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