Sulzer Vertical Turbine Pumps

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  • States: NC, SC, TN
  • Summary: Sulzer vertical pumps are used in applications with low net positive suction head (NPSH), cryogenic temperatures, where vertical lift is required, and in sump and cooling water services.

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Sulzer vertical pumps span flow rates from 8 to 45 000 m3/h (40 to 200 000 US gpm).They generate heads from 2 m to 2 600 m (7 to 8 500 ft), are built with 1 to 40 stages, run at speeds from 180 to 6 000 rpm, and operate in services from -160 to +200 °C (-260 to 400 °F).

Applications and characteristics

Low NPSHHigh capacityHigh head per stageFewer stages, shorter suction canHigh efficiencyHighly reliable As one of the world's leading industrial process pumps manufacturers, Sulzer provides a wide range of products for engineered, configured, and standard pumping solutions. Sulzer is well known for reliable performance and efficient solutions with state-of-the-art products.

We provide industrial pumping systems and solutions to customers in our key markets with:

Process designed pumps, based on our customized process knowledgeCost-effective and energy-efficient pumping solutionsCustomized, configured and standard pumping systems and solutionsAuxiliary equipment such as compressors, monitoring and control systems

Sulzer's standard lead time for their fast delivery pumps is 10 days or less, including the steel baseplates for all NEMA frame sizes. Vertical sump pumps are intended for use in the industrial pumping applications to pump clean or lightly contaminated liquids, fibrous slurries and liquids containing large solids from the deep sumps. The pumping head is suspended into the pumped liquids and the drive motor is dry installed on the top. The pump has separate discharge pipe and support pipe column. The vertical sump pump has a vertical line shaft with slide bearings or cantilever design without slide bearings.
Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Industrial, General Industries