QTRCO Actuators

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  • States: GA, NC, SC, VA
  • Summary: QTRCO pneumatic valve actuators feature robust designs and premium materials for the most extreme applications and an extended lifetime.
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High Cycle

High Speed

High Temperature

High Vibration


Corrosive Environments


Q Series Actuators

Offset cylinders and the patented Rack & Gear actuator mechanism eliminate the cantilever forces inherent to rack and pinion type actuators for absolutely exceptional cycle life.

F Series Actuators

The patented Flat Yoke actuator mechanism provide higher torque output than similar Scotch Yoke actuators, but in a weight and force balanced design.

L Series Actuators

Using the linear components of our rotary actuators provides a safe, long lasting, low friction, stainless steel substitute for diaphragm types in a smaller package for resistance to corrosion and vibration.

Xrciser PSTD - Partial Stroke Testing Device

Tandem pistons serve as pneumatically engaged travel stops on any QTRCO Rack & Gear or Flat Yoke actuator.  Begin with any QTRCO actuator, add tandem pistons to serve as pneumatically engaged travel stops, and controls as appropriate for your application.

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