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E+H Wireless Gateways, Modems & Field Xpert Tablets

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  • Summary: Endress+Hauser offers industrial communication devices that work seamlessly in your plants automation systems using IIOT to more effectively measure and control your process systems.
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Nowadays the requirements on measurement technology go far beyond the mere recording of measurement values. Thus the measuring devices are to be supplied with power and to be protected against overvoltage, the measurement value is to be visualized or processed, limit values have to be monitored as well as the data has to be tamper-proof archived. These tasks are covered by the system products and data managers from Endress+Hauser.
Easy installation and user friendly setup and operation Real-time plant information on-site Increased plant availability due to proactive diagnostics and protection of the measurement devices Flexibility in application based on various housing versions, all important communication protocols and worldwide approvals Complete portfolio around the measurement point from one supplier


Network and local access to field device data. Gateways and modems are system components that provide easy access to field device and network data. A modem provides a protocol conversion, e.g. HART/USB or FF/Bluetooth, and is used with a handheld configurator or computer. A gateway provides a parallel network access point for, e.g. device configuration software (FieldCare). In addition to the protocol conversion, gateways offer additional functions, e.g. network and device status monitoring, which can be viewed with a standard web browser. Modems and gateways provide protocol conversions, allowing software on computers or handhelds to talk directly to field devices. A modem provides a point-to-point connection: on one side the field device and on the other, depending on modem, a USB computer port or Bluetooth wireless interface. A gateway is a system component and connects the Ethernet port of a computer to any fieldbus device in the network. Device configuration software or a web-browser on the computer controls device access.

Simple connection to devices in the field Quick and easy commissioning of field devices Network and device status monitoring (gateways) Concise device diagnosis to NAMUR NE 107 standards (gateways) Remote monitoring and maintenance via web-browser (gateways)


Field access to field devices with digital communication for configuration, diagnostics and maintenance. Field Xperts are universal, high-performance device configuration tablet PCs for hazardous (Ex Zone 1 and 2) and non-hazardous areas. They provide easy access to Endress+Hauser and third-party field devices.
Designed for use with all digitally communicating field devices, these tablets help to set up, troubleshoot and analyze devices. The Field Xpert can access field devices in various ways. Make a point-to-point connection directly on the device or from the control cabinet using a suitable USB or Bluetooth interface. In addition, it is possible to access a specific gateway to establish a point to-bus connection and thus access several devices via one entry point. To access devices wirelessly, a Wi-Fi access point is required in the system or it is also possible to access individual devices via a wireless hotspot.

Configuration software Field Xpert

Field Xperts are open Windows tablets equipped with software configuring field devices with digital communication. It is equipped with a DTM library of over 2700 DTM's - Endress+Hauser and third-party drivers for an out-of-the-box experience, unique in the market. In addition to device configuration, this enables device diagnostics according to the NAMUR NE 107 standard. There is also a free monthly automatic DTM update as Endress+Hauser releases new DTMs.

Save time with the simple to use, touch-optimized modern user experience Reduce cost using a single device for HART, PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Modbus and Endress+Hauser specific service interfaces One-click, fast connection to devices thanks to automatic hardware detection Improve compliance: create configuration and Heartbeat Verification reports, show the echo curve and more Improve efficiency through pre-installed device driver libraries for all important industrial protocols and automatic update for new Endress+Hauser drivers
All industries running process systems can benefit from implementing these devices to monitor and control process line equipment from any mobile device.