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SealRyt Distributor

SealRyt logoCarotek is the exclusive SealRyt distributor in Georgia. SealRyt manufactures a patented alternative sealing device for rotating equipment that seals, supports shafts and increases reliability. Since most rotating equipment failure is caused by shaft movement, SealRyt developed the PackRyt system, which retrofits with appropriate sealing materials into existing stuffing boxes without box modification. Each part is custom manufactured in America.

SealRyt solutions deliver water conservation, energy conservation, plant cleanliness, and standardized flow.

SealRyt Applications

SealRyt products meet the needs of virtually any type of fluid & gas sealing application predominantly in the following industries. Pulp & Paper, Mining, Food & Beverage, Power Generation, Chemical, Refineries, Waste Water, Biofuel, Facilities Maintenance, Pharmaceutical, Ships/Marine.

SealRyt Applications include:

  • General Duty Pump
  • Paper Stock Pump
  • Agitators
  • Vertical Turbine Pump
  • Soot Blower
  • Split Case Horizontal Pump
  • Slurry Pumps
  • Outlet Devices
  • Condensate Pumps

SealRyt Sealing & Packing Products

PackRytpackryt blr

The PackRyt® system has been developed over many years using data collected through a huge base of prototype trials in many of the nations' largest industries. The SealRyt system drastically outperforms other solutions that have typically been short lived improvements like monoblocks, wider mating areas, various spring arrangements, integral bearings, and sliding interfaces.  SealRyt can combine high-capability bearing structures with either super-conductive soft sealing materials or mechanical seals.

• BLR – Bearing with an integral lantern ring and premium braided packing for sealing applications where flush media (water, air, etc) is available to the stuffing box.
• BRG – Bearing and high quality braided packing for applications where flush media is not available to the stuffing box.
• Line Shaft Bearings – These center the shaft and keep it there, optimizing the delivery end of equipment, whether props, impellers, blades or flights.
• ORM – Bearing with O-ring mounted on outside diameter for use with mechanical seals to keep seal faces concentric.
• SteamRyt – Sealing bearing system specifically designed for Soot blowers.
• Diverter – Moves your flush location without stuffing box modification for Slurry applications.

Mechanical Packing – High performance braided packing for every application

SealRyt packing

SealRyt® designs and manufactures the highest quality braided packing in the industry. Packing is custom designed specifically for the application to out-perform the competition. We also specialize in difficult applications and hard-to-manage mediums. Packing is sold by the pound as well as cut to fit custom ring sets.

Gland FollowersSeaRyt Gland Follower

Interlocked design and custom milled, SealRyt manufactures gland followers for all applications, in any material desired. These followers are of an interlocked design and completely milled, not welded and machined. This process ensures a super high-quality part which fits and performs every time.

Mechanical Sealing Accessories

Lantern rings, wedge sets, pump accessories, and metal work for flow control



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