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Custom Pump & Blower Systems

Blower Package

Carotek offers custom engineered pump skid packages, blower packages and pump system skids that will create a pumping solution system for specific fluid handling requirements.  Carotek can handle the entire process - from engineering, design and component specification & procurement to actually fabricating and building them in our own facilities.  This allows us to precisely meet your specific design and process requirements.   We also test them in our facility which helps to eliminate start-up problems you could face in the field, which gets you online faster.

Pump PackagePump Package Capabilities

  • Conceptualize a system to meet your fluid handling needs – from liquids to gases to semi solids. 
  • Design the system to include all the necessary components and meet all necessary testing standards.
  • Engineer the system, complete with CAD plans for review.
  • Build the system in our 60,000 SF facility in Charlotte NC.
  • Test the system and obtain any necessary certifications. 
  • Deliver the product to your facility.
  • Assist with startup if desired.
  • Train and discuss regular maintenance.
  • Service the product as needed.

Pump SystemPump & Blower Skid Applications

These systems are utilized in many pump industry applications including:

  • Municipal distribution systems
  • Industrial process systems
  • Non-potable and water reuse systems
  • Domestic water booster systems for high-rise buildings
  • Additive metering systems
  • Mixing systems
  • Precise sampling systems
  • Chemical Feed systems
  • pH Control
  • Feed systems
  • Polymer Makedown
  • Pulp and Paper industry

Types of Pump Skids

  • Air Compressor Skid
  • Vacuum Skid
  • Pump Skid
  • Air Injection Skid
  • Water Injection Skid
  • Blower Skid
  • Piping Skid
  • Heat Exchanger Skid
  • Skid Mounted Tank Systems



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