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GoatThroat Pumps

Goat Throat logoCarotek is now a stocking distributor for GoatThroat Pumps.  GoatThroat  is a global leader in chemical drum pumps, making corrosive chemical handling pumps more efficient, reliable, safe and sustainable.

  • Safely transfers more than 1300 liquids and chemicals.Goat Throat Pumps Product of the Year 2016
  • Maintenance-free
  • Environmentally sound
  • Fits nearly any container from 2-gallon jugs to 55-gallon drums
  • Patented leak-proof design conserves inventory, keeps work areas clean and prevents potentially hazardous spills
  • Requires no power, so there is no potential sparking hazard and costs less!
  • Just pump a few strokes to pressurize, then dispense precisely controlled amounts with one touch of the tap — as easily as opening and closing a faucet.
  • Pumps also operate pneumatically with a shop-air adapter = no more hand pumping!
  • Worker Safety and Environmental Compliance
  • A full line of accessories is also available to customize your GoatThroat Pump installations.

Goat Throat Pump Green Goat Throat Pumps on 3 container sizes Goat Throat Pump RedGoat Throat Pneumatic Adapter

How GoatThroat Pumps Work

According to the manufacturer, GoatThroat® Pumps work by pressurizing a container to dispense liquids with one touch, as easily as using a faucet. A few strokes of the piston can pressurize any container from 2-gallon jugs to 55-gallon drums.

One-touch flow control dispenses liquids at a controlled rate to prevent waste, conserve inventory, and produce precisely measured amounts every time. Flow can be continuous, or adjusted to dispense liquids at rates up to 4.5 gallons per minute depending on viscosity.

Pump types include: agriculture, airplane fuel, basic hand, closed systems, flammable liquids, food grade, pneumatic operation, DEF, vapor degreasers, specialty, optional Teflon-Kalrez, optional silicone free.

Review GoatThroat's chemical and liquid compatibility guide.

The technical specialists at Carotek are readily available to assist you in choosing the proper GoatThroat pump to meet any specifications.  Contact the Carotek staff today. 

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Top 10 GoatThroat Pump Applications

1. Aerospace industry

2. Agriculture and landscape

  • Dispense pesticides, fertilizers before dilution
  • Diesel for motors in the field
  • Lubricating oil for motors

3. Chemical manufacturing companies

  • Include with their products
  • Use in their testing laboratories
  • Dispensing soaps

4. Cleaning contractors

  • Dispense soaps
  • Spray deodorizers

5. Cosmetic and food manufacturing

  • Pigments dispensing
  • Dispense acids and alkalines for cleaning vats
  • Dispense food stuffs – flavorings
  • Dispense lab testing chemicals

6. Municipal

  • Cogeneration plants
  • Sodium bi-sulfite for anti-rust
  • Waste to energy plants
    • Sodium bi-sulfite for anti-rust
    • Hcl, nitric acids polymers
  • Wastewater pollution control (sewage treatment) facilities
    • Hcl for ph adjustment and cleaning
    • Sodium hypochlorite as a disinfectant
    • Transferring pesticides, fertilizers into smaller container before dilution
  • Laboratories
    • Decanting chemicals and fluids

7. Manufacturing – all kinds

  • Transfer from bulk containers rather than smaller more expensive ones

8. Military  

  • Diesel for motors in the field
  • Lubricating oil for motors

9. Plating

  • Transfer fluids to make plating baths
  • Decant neutralizing agents

10. Pharmaceutical companies

  • Decanting chemicals and fluids in laboratories


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