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Carotek Process Solutions Summit 2015 Session Highlights

In 2015, our attendance was the highest yet, totaling over 500 people.  Twenty Eight manufacturers exhibited their latest and greatest products and assisted with training sessions.   We've provided some of the presentations here for your reference.  

These presentations are password protected.  If you would like access, please contact us directly.


Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)-Emissions Control Overview LP Amina

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With the decrease in prices of natural gas and the increase in US emissions requirements, combined cycle power plants are becoming the only type of thermal generation that can be built to replace aging coal and nuclear facilities. The SCR ammonia flow control unit is the heart of the system, metering out precise amounts of aqueous ammonia that are then vaporized and mixed with the flue gas upstream of a layer of catalyst. Accurate control and measurement of the flow is critical for ensuring that performance guarantees are met. LP Amina will walk through a typical process design and highlight some of the key process parameters at different points in the process.


Live Demo - Calibration Management Endress+Hauser 

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Calibration rig demo, discussion on calibration management using automated calibration tools and software like Field Expert and Fluke process calibrators


Hands-On Workshops - Viking Internal Gear Pump Viking Pump  - no presentation available.

Hands-On Gear Pump disassembly and rebuild. You and your colleagues will have your own work station, factory built pump and the tools you will need for a complete Gear pump disassembly and re-build. You will see and touch the components
that make up an Internal Gear Pump, perform a disassembly and rebuild in 90 minutes. You will have a trainer and service technicians available to help you through this hands-on educational process. You will learn about wear points in a gear pump and what to look for in wear patterns to find the root cause of a gear pump failure. You will learn about factory tolerances and how to measure tolerance in your pump to determine necessary parts replacement. This class is suitable for all attendees to the PSS. From entry level to corporate executive this is your chance to learn about how an Internal Gear Pump works. Take this opportunity to learn more about a total process system and how you can increase your uptime performance in the workplace. At the end of the class you will receive a certification of completion of this Pump Analysis Class.


Hands-On Pump Workshop - Pulsafeeder Metering Pump Pulsafeeder pump - no presentation available.

Hands-on External Gear Pump and Diaphragm Metering Pump disassembly and rebuild. This is a small class where you and your colleagues will work together to tear down and rebuild a Pulsafeeder External Gear Pump and a Diaphragm Metering Pump. Learn how fast and simple it is to rebuild this unique External gear pump designed for corrosive chemical, acid and caustic service. Some of these pumps will fit in the palm of your hand. Your team will have your own work bench, the pump and the tools to complete the disassembly and rebuild to factory specifications. In the end we will bet that you can rebuild this pump with your eyes closed! This a chance for everyone to learn how these pumps work. E&I, Maintenance, Engineering and Team Leaders can all learn from this class. You will receive a certificate of completion for this class at the end of this 90 minute session.


Tank Gauging Technologies and Management Storage Tank Farm Endress+Hauser 

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Explore Servo technology to provide custody level measurements. This session reveals the importance of temperature measurement in custody and inventory grade level measurements for volume calculation and radar technology for custody and inventory API accuracy level measurements.


Eliminate up to 70% of your unscheduled down time, and be able to prove it! Rockwell 

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Less unscheduled downtime means more efficiency, more productivity, more profit. Dirty Power is often the unseen culprit, accounting for an estimated 20%-70% of all unexplained stoppages. This session covers ways to diagnose and reduce—and even prevent—Dirty Power events.


Emergency Shutdown Valve Application Flowserve

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This session will examine ESD valve applications and pneumatic actuation solutions. The reliable operation of an ESD valve is a function of the valve automation system. We will discuss topics regarding the design of the actuation systems in which the actuators, controls and accessories are many times specifically engineered according to the application, often accounting for quick speed of operation or implementation of partial stroke testing systems. During the session we will briefly review the various partial stroke testing conventions, from inexpensive mechanical devices to more advanced PST solutions enabling valve and actuator diagnostics via HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus digital communications. Understanding the requirements and capabilities of these valve automation systems will increase the reliability and service life of safety- critical process control valves.


Ultrasonic Flow Measurement in the 21st Century: Separating Fact From Fiction Endress+Hauser 

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Ultrasonic flow measurement offers so many benefits, but what are the facts? Where can this technology be deployed successfully and what are realistic expectations of performance? The technology has advanced significantly over the past decade. It’s time for a fresh look at Ultrasonic.


The PlantPAx Process Control System Rockwell - no presentation available.

This session will discuss and demo how to use the plant-wide control capabilities of Integrated Architecture to implement traditional DCS applications. This introductory course will discuss the advantages of the PlantPAx system and how the system concepts and tools can help improve any system application.


Efficient Hot Water Generation Carotek & Armstrong - no presentation available.

Learn the various methods currently being used to provide a reliable and highly efficient hot water source. Examples of real world applications will be used to demonstrate the savings that are available.


Troubleshooting and Proper Maintenance of Process pH Sensors Endress+Hauser 

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Increasing the life on a process pH sensor is sometimes tricky and time consuming. Learn some best practices for maintaining sensors and key troubleshooting tips for longer life and less headaches. Some real world examples will be presented with solutions.


Improving Start-up and Commissioning Schedules Maverick Technologies 

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Effective S&C involves a series of pre-checks conducted in parallel to the construction phase of a project. Pre-checks minimize rework and by conducting the pre-checks in parallel to construction, compression of the startup due to slips
in the construction schedule are minimized. These techniques require early S&C planning and tight coordination with the construction team. This presentation will provide proven methods to meet or improve the theoretical S&C date, which allows facilities to return to revenue generation.


How Accurate is Your Accuracy Statement Ashcroft 

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There is no universally accepted standard for the accuracy and accuracy statement of a transducer. How Accurate is Your Accuracy Statement provides an overview of accuracy and the different components of an accuracy statement and how they relate to a transducer’s ability to measure pressure. It explains the difference between a transducer’s accuracy and its accuracy statement, the typical components of an accuracy statement and how these components are combined into a single measurement of error. As well explaining the different methods used to combine the individual errors and their pros and cons. The goal is to inform engineers and end users on how to decipher accuracy statements so they can better understand the accuracy statements of the transducers being specified in their applications.


Dispelling the Fears and Doubts of Radiometric Level measure Endress+Hauser - no presentation available.

Join us for a session of myth busters on radiometric measurement (Gamma). We will discuss the safety, regulations and the cost of these systems. We will dispel the fears you have with this innovative method of measurement.


Migrating Your Legacy DCS System to PlantPAx Rockwell 

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Are today’s optimization and innovation demands hampered by your old process control system? Is support for your legacy DCS diminishing? This session will explore the advantages of migrating to the PlantPAx system. You’ll learn about the multitude of tools – scanners, cables, code conversion, wiring harnesses, etc. – available from Rockwell Automation that can help you migrate your system at a pace that’s comfortable for you.


Hands-On Workshops - Process Instrumentation Set-up and Verification Carotek - no presentation available.

Experience the “PTU”. A Mini working process plant with over 90+ field instruments. Participate in hands-on labs to set-up and verify different process technologies for level, flow, pressure and temperature instruments.


Live Demo - Top 10 Ways to Kill Your Pump Dead! Viking Pump 

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See a working pump module and watch as we subject it to all the things you can do wrong in a pump system. We will demonstrate first hand some of the common problems in a pump system that can kill your pump. Here are the situations and topics we will cover in this live demo. 1-Skip the strainer - We will show pumps that have been destroyed by foreign objects that entered the suction of the pump. 2- Starve the Pump- We will demonstrate common suction problems and how it affects pump performance. 3- Over-speed the pump - demonstrate the fluid dynamics when you run the pump too fast. 4- Over-pressure the pump - see how common discharge restrictions over pressurize and reduce the life of the pump. 5-Run to Failure-see how you can monitor your pump to indicate upset conditions and shut the pump down before catastrophic failures. 6-Deadhead the Pump - illustrate common discharge problems that can deadhead a pump. We will show wear patterns that indicate deadhead and over-pressure. 7- Install the Pump poorly-severe misalignment, excessive flange loading, and pipe stress can severely damage your pump. 8-Change the service without consulting your pump expert - examples include pumping thicker, more corrosive, less lubricating or abrasive fluids without consideration for the current pump construction. 9-Run relief valve in full bypass - relief valves are there to protect your pump and are not to be used as full bypass valves. 10- Skip preventive maintenance - regreasing bearings, changing gear box oil, and replacing worn parts will all extend the life and performance of your pump. Overall you will learn how pump failures are more often a symptom of a pump system problem and not a fault of the pump.


Energy Monitoring Solutions - Compressed Air Endress+Hauser

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Compressed air is part of W.A.G.E.S initiatives in different industries. Learn about reasons for analyzing compressed air systems in a plant and the different system designs. It will also present the Key Performance Indicators to monitor, like: Compressor Performance, Leakage share, System balancing, Filter supervising and pressure drop, Specific Energy Consumption. All these indicators lead to a Return on Investment discussion.


Throttling Control with Rack & Pinion and Scotch Yoke Actuators Qtrco

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Compare old versus new designs of Rack & Pinion and Scotch Yoke actuators and discusses the merit of both older and new approaches to design and construction. In addition discussion includes suggestions as to when either may be used in preference to the commonly employed diaphragm type actuator (corrosion, vibration, space, weight, piping stress).


Simple, Low Cost Wireless Solutions Banner Wireless

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Experience the latest solutions in this trending technology. This course will discuss low cost wireless applications so you can gain further monitoring of your facility. You will learn new areas where you can apply wireless technology such as motor temperature/vibration monitoring, safety shower/eyewash station monitoring, monitoring temperature and humidity inside control panels, monitoring valve position, parts call/maintenance call push button solutions, and wireless indicator lights/alarms to name a few! This technology can be easily installed and increase production monitoring.


Beyond PID, Advanced Control Strategies Rockwell

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An overview of the use of APC Function blocks, Fuzzy Logic, PlantPAx MPC, and Pavilion 8 Model Predictive Control.


PCS Phosphate Automates Reporting to Liberate Process Engineers and Improve Accuracy PCS Phosphate - no presentation available.

Production engineers in the phosphate division of PotashCorp were inundated with decades’ worth of data sheets manually generated from paper logs and foreign system printouts. The company turned to FactoryTalk VantagePoint to aggregate various quality and production systems with a role specific online log sheet application. Eliminating paper and manual data entry in Excel reports, the system has reduced time spent production calculations by 95 percent, replacing it with data entry verification. With the base system built to collect historical data and improve production, inventory and quality numbers, production engineers have been liberated to ask better questions about improvement of the now known results.


Connected Factory and the Internet of Things Cisco - no presentation available.

The convergence of new technologies that securely connect plant information with enterprise systems can bring greater productivity, better utilization of assets, and improved decision-making to industrial companies. By bridging the gap between factory-level systems and enterprise systems, Rockwell Automation and Cisco can show how the connected enterprise offers ease of use, lower total cost of ownership, and improved operations.


Why Do Your Pumps Fail? CRU Pumps - no presentation available.

Proper Pump Alignment: Preventative maintenance and maintenance intervals that will supplant life to the rotating equipment. Typical start-up checklist requirements for every new pump application. How to minimize alignment/vibration issues. Troubleshooting and solutions for vibration issues.


Tubing Bundles and Heated Sample Lines – A to Z Thermon 

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Explore the advantages of Pre-fab vs Field fab tubing bundles and heated sample lines. Discuss the design aspects, cost savings and preventative maintenance along with the advantages it adds to your process. We will cover the design information to help you better control your process temperatures and the industries best served with this leading technology.


Rethinking Flowmeter Design-Direct Connection to Your Control Systems Endress+Hauser & Rockwell

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Reduce device size and cut integration costs utilizing new flow meter designs with total ingress protection, certified hygiene and direct-connect EtherNetIP connectivity.


Process Safety and Critical Controls- What Solution Best Meets Your Needs Rockwell

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Choosing the correct Process Safety solution to meet availability and safety requirements is a critical decision. In this session, we’ll explore our process safety offerings from SIL 2 and SIL 3 to fail-safe, fault tolerant and triple modular redundancy. Learn which option is best for your requirements and how each helps improve efficiencies and reliability.


How reliable is a “self-verifying” device and can I skip regular calibration and maintain regulatory compliance? Endress+Hauser

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Learn how process automation has evolved and how instruments now offer integrated solutions such as Heartbeat Technology which facilitate the implementation of QbD (Quality by Design) and provide full regulatory compliance. Offering the possibility to reduce or even eliminate wet calibrations without putting product quality at risk.


Industrial Network Design & Security Rockwell

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Industrial Network Security is on everyone’s mind. The discussion will cover best practices for designing and implementing industrial networks and balancing robust security with access to valuable information.


Live Demo - Steam Trap Operation and Selection Armstrong & Carotek

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Steam Traps play a critical role in efficient steam system operation. Selecting the wrong trap can impact system operation and lead to potential safety issues. Learn about how various types work and which is the most suitable for different applications. A live demonstration of steam trap operation will be provided.


Hands-On Workshops - Air Operated Pump Disassembly and Re-build Sandpiper & Warren Rupp - no presentation available.

Hands-on Pump disassembly and rebuild. This is a small class where you and your colleagues will work together to tear down and rebuild an Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump. Your team will have your own work bench, the pump and
the tools to complete the task. This class is suited for everyone from Maintenance to Engineering to Purchasing and Management. You’ll learn about the components of this pump and how it works. You’ll learn how to identify wear points, root cause failure and what you can do to prolong the life of your pump. Once you’re finished we’ll put air to the pump and operate it to see how well you performed the Pump rebuild. At the end of the class you will receive certification of your Pump Maintenance training session to take with you. For an hour and a half of your time you can’t afford to miss this Hands- On educational session.


Hands-On Workshops - ANSI & CR-H Pump Peerless Pump 

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Hands-On Grundfos ANSI dimension pump disassembly and rebuild. This is a new concept in ANSI dimension pumps. Grundfos has engineered the time tested reliability of their CR vertical multistage pump into a Horizontal design that meets ANSI dimensions. Performance beyond a standard single stage ANSI pump can now be utilized in this CRH (horizontal) pump designed with ANSI dimensions. This changes the disassembly and rebuild from your typical back pullout design to a simple and fast rebuild when the time arises. Learn how Stacked impeller assemblies fit into this ANSI dimension pump and the ease of replacement and repair. You and your colleagues will disassemble and rebuild this pump in 90 minutes and you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your class.


Electronic Differential Pressure for Level Measurement Endress+Hauser 

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Learn the newest innovative system for Level Measurement using electronic Differential Pressure technology and practical applications when and where to apply or not apply this technology.


Improving Process Analytical Sampling System Effectiveness Swagelok

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Process sampling systems have a tough job. They must deliver media from demanding and sometimes extreme process environments to an instrument. The sample must reach the instrument in a short enough time to be useful, be representative of the process and compatible with the instrument itself. Ensuring that a timely, representative and compatible sample gets delivered is no small task. This session will focus on some common fixes to consider when examining a problem sample system and how these changes can have a large impact on results. Topics will include time delay, vaporizing, sample flow rate and sample pressures.


Flow Measurement: A Lot Has Happened In Twelve Months! Are You Up To Speed? Endress+Hauser

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Major advances have been made in modern flow measurement technology in the past year. Sophisticated self-diagnosis, traceable on-demand verification, condition monitoring and dramatically improved functional safety have driven increased process uptime, reduced risk & operational costs and increased KPI data. All this now possible even from 2-wire, loop-powered flow meters.


Knowing Your Pump is Going to Fail in Advance Rockwell

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Learn how to make machine condition common knowledge through intuitive presentation by integrating condition assessment within the automation system. Reduce unplanned downtime by being more proactive and less reactive. Perform the right maintenance on the right equipment at the right time.


Techniques for Connecting to Remote Process Monitors, Including Virtualization Pepperl & Fuchs 

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Together we will review connections methods from a PC or Server to remote displays located in Process areas as well as features of a new thin client configurator and management tool.


How to look like a Control Tuning Genius to Operations Management Control Station

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Identify controller tuning mechanical and process architecture issues using your plant’s existing process data. Learn how KPIs and advanced forensics reveal these issues and isolate their root-causes. Industrial case studies highlight enhancements to production throughput and efficiency.

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