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  • NEW - ProMass Q Coriolis Flowmeter from E+H

NEW - ProMass Q Coriolis Flowmeter from E+H

E+H Proline ProMass Q 300-500Promass Q Coriolis Flowmeter guarantees unmatched accuracy for mass flow, volume flow, and density determination in a variety of applications. Promass Q was designed with specific challenges & critical applications in mind.

Historically, high accuracy levels were only achievable under ideal circumstances, meaning stable process conditions and true single-phase homogeneous fluids. In the real world, however, these ideal conditions don’t often exist.

The Promass Q Coriolis flowmeter has been developed exactly for such applications in the in the food industry, as well as for custody transfer. 

  • It accurately measures even fluids containing suspended bubbles or even microbubbles.  
  • Sensor, measuring tubes and electronic can be verified without process interruption. 
  • Mass/volume flow, density and temperature can be measured with one single sensor.
  • It features Heartbeat Technology which allows you to perform compliant verification (to ISO 9001), diagnostics, and monitoring without interrupting the process. E+H Proline ProMass Q 300-500

Learn more about this Coriolis flowmeter, including :

  • 3 major innovations with this technology - Transmitter, Heartbeat and Multifrequency.
  • 8 benefits for safety, product quality and transparency
  • Success stories for various industries
  • Technical data

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Endress+Hauser believes customers are looking for more than a supplier of flowmeters and instrumentation. You want a partner who understands the unique requirements of your industry and applications. That is why Carotek is helping introduce Endress+Hauser's new Proline Flowmeter Portfolio.