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Banner Wireless Sensors - SureCross Wireless Sensors

Banner Wireless DistributorBanner Engineering is a global leader in factory automation solutions, and especially know for it's Surecross 45 Wireless.  Its line of wireless products enables customers to extend the range of their networks and cost effectively monitor their operations in ways that were previously cost prohibitive.  Carotek is a Banner wireless process systems distributor in NC, SC, VA, GA, and TN. 

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce costs – no need for cables, conduit and trenching
  • Accomplish what was previously cost-prohibitive or impossible using hard wiring
  • Eliminate downtime by catching problems before they occur with process monitoring
  • Avoid costly fines by easily meeting regulatory compliance 

Banner Wireless and SureCross

This comprehensive product line includes wireless sensors, gateways, nodes, data radios, and accessories:

  • Wireless SureCross Q45 Sensors
  • Sensors optimized for FlexPower
  • Pre-mapped PM Series Models
  • Performance Gateways
  • Performance Nodes
  • Performance Board Modules
  • MultiHop Modbus Radios with I/O
  • MultiHop Modbus Board Modules
  • Serial Data Radios
  • Ethernet Data Radios
  • Hazardous Area Nodes
  • Antennas and Antenna Accessories
  • Enclosures
  • Solar and Power supplies
  • GPS Modules
  • Modbus RTU Remote I/O Devices

Banner Wireless Products

Banner Engineering’s RF protocol is proprietary and combined with license-free frequency hopping radio communications, that is secure and reliable both indoor and outdoor. They maintain reliable signal transmission even over long distances and withstand extreme environmental conditions. 

Perfect for hazardous areas, remote locations, replacing hard wire, and network radio applications.  Select from point to point radio network, star point network, tree network with repeaters, and signal points around obstacles.  Suitable for Factory Automation, Process Control, Agriculture and Irrigation, Water and Wastewater monitoring, Oil & Gas, Landfill and Biomass, Vehicle Detection.

Carotek has highly trained individuals to assist with the proper selection and application of Banner Wireless and Surecross products.  Let us conduct a site analysis and show you how much you can save today.

Watch Carotek-Banner Wireless YouTube Channel featuring: Innovations in Wireless - the Surecross Q45, How Tos and Product Demo Videos


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