Armstrong Intelligent System Solutions

Steam Traps, air vents, liquid drainers, strainers, Condensate Recovery equipment

Steam and Condensate Group

Steam Traps  Inverted Bucket, Float and Thermostatic, Controlled Disc, Thermostatic and Clean Steam Traps. Universal Mount Steam Trap Systems including Trap Valve Station system. SteamEye Remote Steam Trap Monitoring System. Radiator Traps. Trap-A-Ware Steam Trap Sizing Software.

Air Vents and Liquid Drainers  Strainers

Condensate Recovery Equipment   Mechanical Pumping Traps. Engineered Pumping Trap Packages. PresSure Pump High Capacity Pressure Powered Pump. Electric Condensate Pump Packages. Flash Recovery Systems. Retrofit Cap Assemblies for Most Manufacturers Pumps. Steam Powered Sump Ejectors.

Steam, Water and Air Pressure/Temperature Controls

Pressure / Temperature Controls Group

Steam, Water and Air Pressure/Temperature Controls  Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valves. Internally and Externally Piloted Pressure Reducing Valves. Temperature Regulators. Balancing Valves.

Direct Steam and Steam to Steam Humidifiers

Humidification Group

Direct Steam and Steam to Steam Humidifiers  HumidiPack and HumidiPackPlus Panel Steam Dispersion Systems. Electric and Gas-Fired HumidiClean Ionic Bed Humidifiers. Cool-Fog Fogging Humidification Systems. Temp-R-Drain Condensate Cooling Systems. Clean Steam Generators. Humidi-A-Ware Humidifier Sizing Software.

water heating, hose stations, mixing valves

Hot Water Group

Water Heating  Flo-Rite-Temp Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters. Clean-In-Place Scale Removal Systems. Flo-Direct98% Efficient Direct Contact Gas-Fired Water Heaters.

Hose Stations  STEAMIX Steam and Hot Water Hose Stations. Washdown Equipment.

Mixing Valves  RADA Thermostatic Steam and Water Mixing Valves and Hot and Cold Water Mixing Valves. NEW! RADA EMC Electronic Mixing Center for the Ultimate in Circulated Temperature Control. 

Heating and Cooling Coils

Heat Transfer Group

Heating and Cooling Coils  Heavy Duty Key Fin and L Fin Steam and Liquid Coils. Tank Heaters. Duralite Plate Fin Coils Now Available in Cupro-Nickel!. Industrial Grade Unit Heaters. Posi-Pressure Condensate Drainage System for Heat Exchange Equipment. DuramixFace and By-pass Heating Coils.

Armstrong Service

Armstrong Service  

Armstrong Service is an organization that specializes in the Optimization, and Management of Steam and Compressed Air Systems. Services that can be provided include: Engineering Service, Steam and Compressed Air Audits, Turnkey Installations, Operation and Maintenance Services.


The Heavy Duty Hydronics Experts. IFB and VIFB Make-Up Air Coils. Steadyair Make-Up Air Heating Systems. Unit Heaters with Revolving Discharge Option. Door Heaters and Air Curtains. Combustion Air Make-Up Units.


Electric Duct and Unit Heaters. Commercial Baseboard and Cabinet Unit Heaters. Gas Detection Equipment for CO, CO2, O2 and Refrigerants.


ProSonix provides Direct Steam Injection heating solutions for industrial and commercial applications. From simple tank heating and water-heating tasks to challenges such as water & slurry heating, sludge heating, and abrasive fluids, ProSonix can provide regulated outlet temperatures, often within 1 degree F of set point.


Armstrong Educational Services 

Visit Armstrong's Free Educational Service at Training is also available at the

Armstrong Training Center in Three Rivers, Michigan.

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